Protection of personalities (VIP)

The profession of Bodyguard cannot be improvised, it learns with patience, intelligence and practical experience. The role of the Bodyguard is not only to stop aggression; its true mission is to avoid it. He must anticipate the danger and organize himself in such a way as to prevent any problems.

By modesty, indifference, by lack of information or fear of being spy, most personalities do not have personal protection. Regretfully, they discover its importance only after an important aggression. The ordinary presence of a Bodyguard has in 90% of cases a preventive effect on aggressors.

“When everything goes well protection is not important, …  We estimate too late its importance when the evil happened! »

RALF, provides you with over 20 years of experience that its agents have gained during its missions throughout the world.

Trained in the Foreign Legion and in the Western services specializing in the protection of Threatened Persons, our agents are able to controlling and resolve all the extreme situations.

In the field of Personal Protection we propose:

  • Protection of threatened persons on all level of risk (theft, jealousy, opponent, …., Organized crime, terrorism).
  • Discreet and intimidating solution for any potential aggressors of a sensitive VIP who refuses and opposes the presence of a Bodyguard in his entourage.
  • The protection of the leaders or managerial employees with the risks for the company (All levels of risk).
  • Free evaluation of the risks for the threatened peoples.

Ground experience:

  • Protection of the Middle East princes and their families during travels in different countries: France, England, Italy, USA, Saudi Arabia, etc.
  • The protection of African Presidents in political difficulties following military disturbances.
  • Protection of famous business people from Western and Eastern Europe.
  • Protection of medical teams during the Ebola epidemic in West Africa (2014-2015).