At present time, the real threat comes from terrorism. This is the form of violence, which is more difficult to fight.

To be able to combat and manage with this international aggression, who indirectly can push us to the Third World War, with or without the intention of the Word Powers, every citizen has the duty to observe and signal to the competent authorities all suspicious events around him. This observation instinct must be induce to the population from primary schools. We must learn to observe and care about what is happening around us. Sooner or later, Indifference Kills!

Warning: If a suspicious object is observed, your mission is only to alert authorities and take away passers-by and curious, do not play the hero by moving the object. The smallest initiative of moving or touching the object can cause the irreparable, exposing not only your life but also the life of peoples around you.



It is very rare for a private person to become the mafia’s target. These organizations, in most of cases, are attract by big gains such as drug and prostitution networks, weapons traffic, gambling, etc., but also by large corporations that may be the subject of a mafia intimidation.

Do not try to fight this kind of organization by yourself; you will certainly lose your life. The only solution is to contact security professionals and prevent official authorities. The official authorities can play a dissuasive role but not necessarily a determining factor in intimidating the organization. So do not hesitate to ask the advice of private professionals

Violent crime

Pay attention to your entourage, statistics confirm that the majority of violence acts like, murder, theft, kidnappings, etc…, are premeditated or even made by close contacts of victims. Very rare are the cases where the aggressors act at arbitrary without having exact information.

If you have any doubts about your entourage, prevent authorities or request to private professionals who, by their simple presence, have the dissuasive role to intimidate the potential aggressors. Certainly, they will give up their initial plans.


The solitary aggressor

If you are the victim of an attacker that requires your car, your wallet, your bag, etc… do not try to resist, the attacker could become violent, and your life cost more than that!

When shopping, not show the money in public; prepare a modest amount before arriving at the case.

If you have a large amount of money on you, divide it in two different places and do not keep it attached to your identity papers, car our house keys.

If during your walking you carry a valuable object, you should keep it on the side of the walls, which offer less accessibility to robbers.