Protection of sensitive areas
(mining, industrial, etc)

Based on practical experience on the ground in sensitive areas (Africa, Middle East, Latin America, etc.), our agents are available for implementing a security and evacuation plan, of mining and industrial parks, located in areas under risk.

If your business protection is not performing, do not hesitate to contact us. We organizing, preparing, and coordinating local security agents to prevent employee aggression and thefts of the company’s equipment.

With the multiplication of terrorist attacks and armed conflicts around the world, the only effective shirk to preserve the economic patrimony of your business is the experience of discouragement and the intervention of professionals security.

Armed with a permanent and international availability, a field experience of over 20 years, our specialists have at your disposal all the accumulated skill.

RALF proposes:

  • A free analysis of risks and the development of an appropriate Management and Control plan, as well as the intervention of a specialized team in case you need it.
  • Protection and surveillance of sensitive areas (mining, industrial, etc.) in any part of the World.
  • Detecting risks and managing them.

Our Experience:

  • Protection of mining areas on the African continent. (SL, RCI, RCA, BF, Senegal, Niger, etc.).
  • Protection of cities and road axes of strategic importance during military disturbances in various African countries.
  • Anti-riot protection and antiterrorist on significant (Embassies, Airport, Official Offices).