Training and Preparation of
Security Agents

In this formidable Bodyguard job, as in all professions; the most important starting point is initial preparation, the training.
If the majority of the specialists say that the job will be learn on the ground through practical experience, we are of the same opinion, with one difference: We must not forget that in this job before he goes on the ground, where mistakes are not allowed, the protection agent must follow an elementary and indispensable basic training.

The intelligence, discretion, modesty, courage, availability, physical and moral capacity, pessimism (because optimism is dangerous) are qualities that the Protecting Agent must cultivate naturally since long date. These are qualities that can not be “taught” during a training period, they do not depend on the desire of someone to earn money, they are part of the everyday life of the individual born for this job. Hence the absolutely necessity for a strong initial recruitment!

The intelligence, modesty, the courage, the availability, the physical and moral capacity, pessimism (because optimism is dangerous), are qualities that a security agent must cultivate naturally since long date. This cannot be learn during a training course, which means, the absolutely necessity for a strong initial recruitment!

You need to know that a highly trained but uninformed security team with no vital information is a half-blind team.

A very significant role in the mission of Close Protection or Security of the Sensitive Sites returns to the infiltration and information agents, which must be specialized in all the fields: linguistics, art of human communication, computer, optical, weapons, camouflage, etc, in order to get full success in their mission!

RALF proposes:

  • Training the Security teams of Private Security Companies or Multinational Societies in order to protect the VIP and manage the crisis
  • Training of Bodyguard Agents (individual or team).
    • Bodyguard theoretical professional courses at distance learning program – RALF diploma issued at the end of the course
    • Practical Bodyguard Professional Training – RALF Diploma issued at the end of the practical training
  • Prepare VIPs or Companies’ managers for Self-Protection and Preventing Aggressions.
  • Prepare protection and intervention teams for missions in sensitive areas.
  • Training of private people in order to prevent and reject any aggression.
  • Training investigative and intelligence officers specialized in sensitive infiltration

Field experience:

  • Training of the Close Protection teams for security companies.
  • Training and managing Presidential Guards to different African countries.
  • Investigations and collection of Sensitive Information for companies and for private individuals.